Halfway through December and after that icestorm-weekend, we now still have some mostly sunny mild days with a some colder nights…

We  are starting to see some more wildlife in our garden and around the house:

lots of different kinds of sparrows,

some white-winged doves and some red cardinals (aka the bird from the St.Louis baseball team),

St Louis Cardinals

a little falcon (Merlin) who is now very interested in all the sparrows, a squirrel family doing all kinds of acrobacy to get to the birdfood,

a grey/white longhair cat strolling around the neighbourhood and scaring the hell out of our cat Max,

an escaped landturtle on the front lawn which was returned to its rightful owner,

some rabbits and a -most probably escaped- blue parakeet trying to survive on our fastfood !



This was our first ‘time-out’ from all the hassle & bustle of the previous months. For us, the Thanksgiving holiday week was the perfect reason to drive out and explore a neighbouring state.

New Mexico sounded like a ‘warm destination’, but the day started with the remains of an early winter storm. Nothing we had seen so far: the freezing rain had turned the ice-covered trees into jewelry! 

Westbrook Glass Branches

The whole of West Texas and East New Mexico was covered with ice and snow patches.

Horses In The Snow  3 Of Each Color

Ca. 12 hours or 600 miles /965 km driving westwards through oildrilling country and ‘cowboy & indian’ plains, we finally arrived in the ‘Land of Enchantment’.

Hope, NM  Panoramic View 

We headed for Alamogordo NM, taking the the pass over the Sacramento mountains through Cloudcroft. With its 8,600 ft / 2.600 m, it is one of the higher points in the US ! 

Cloudcroft Postcard Vintage Postcard

Here, one can really anjoy the mountain scenery of the Lincoln National Forest.

Mexican Trestle  Mexican Trestle

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It was a typical holiday week in the US as everybody is away on a family-hunt down with a special Thanksgiving bird on hand…

Thanksgiving Tradition

Turkey On The Menu

It was also a learning week about old traditions and new terms… At work they organized a ‘Thanksgiving Potluck’, an occasion for everybody showing of their cooking skills as each brings a dish and then all dishes are shared with eachother, but not without the thanksgiving prayer ! Well, the latter is surely not my cup of tea, but I liked the opportunity to eat from all those different cuisines: Indian, Mexican, Texan, German, Russian,…


It’s the 22nd of November, 11:00 in the morning, 71°F or 22°C and we are having breakfast on the terrace… amazing! Hope we will be able to adjust to this kind of weather 😎

We have planted some more grasses and flowering vines and the ‘backyard’ is looking mighty fine.

Whilst cleaning out the pool-filters, we made a scary yet sad discovery: our first snake ! … drowned… ;-(

Texas Lined Snake (tropidoclonion lineatum texanum)

Texas Lined Snake